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The Jonny Lee Miller tag is a fairly nice place again, so thanks for removing your Elementary complaining from it.  For the moment.

The Lucy Liu tag, however, is still a fucking disaster.  I like Lucy, but I feel REALLY sorry for her devoted fans on tumblr.  You know, the people who actually LIKE her and that’s why they TRACK HER TAG so they can SHARE FUN FANDOM LUCY LIU STUFF.

The Lucy Liu tag is not a good place for you to whine about how unhappy you are that she’s got some work.

We get it, fangirls.  You love the Sherlock/Watson subtext.  GOOD FOR YOU.  I like slash too sometimes.  It’s fun!  You know what slash is NOT, though?  It’s not progressive.   It’s not enlightened.  Slash is fine, as I said — I like slash!  But you know, it’s not much different than the fact that some men think it’s hot when two women are together.  No one praises men for being a great friend to lesbians because they like seeing two women kiss.  And you know why?  Because it’s something people dig, it’s not being truly enlightened.  You’re conflating your fetishism with being open-minded and forward-thinking, and frankly, as a queer woman and the daughter of a lesbian mother, as someone who was marching on Washington for gay rights probably before half of you were born, I think it’s disgusting. 


Stop.  Just stop.  Stop trying to veil your misogyny with some circular logic about gay rights.  It’s just so highly inappropriate.

Have you ever thought, for a moment, that it’s pretty cool that Lucy Liu is in this role?  If she’s ever typecast, it’s as a total badass.  She’s O-Ren Ishii, she was a cop on Southland, she was a crime-fighting Angel, she did action with Jackie Chan.  She’s fierce!  How do you know she won’t be fierce on Elementary?  How do you know anything about Elementary besides the like, three lines of promotional material that’s out there?

I’ll be the first to call foul if they fuck up her character, if they make the dynamic horrible and she’s subservient.  I promise you.  But let’s be real: most of you are pissed off because you love your mystery stories about two men together having an intimate friendship, and dammit if Lucy isn’t the vagina interrupting your penis party.  I’m sorry you don’t get your two white men this time around, except I’m not, because pretty much every other adaptation of the Sherlock stories ever gives you that.  Let Lucy and her fans have this, okay?

and remember, because it bears repeating: JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN SLASH CHARACTERS ON A SHOW DOESN’T MAKE IT PROGRESSIVE.  JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T SLASH THEM DOESN’T MAKE IT HOMOPHOBIC.  If these were two out and open gay characters in canon, you’d be absolutely right.  But they’re not, and you’re not, and you look like damn fools.

Reblogging this for great truth - Bethy is awesome.

Also reblogging for great truth and because Bethy is awesome. Why am I not following her again? RECTIFICATION.

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Black teen shot and killed in mostly white gated community he lived in while going to a convenience store to get snacks by a Neighborhood Watch official who said he looked suspicious

Via Global Grind: “17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a Neighborhood Watch captain inside his own gated Orlando, Florida community where he was living with his father, stepmother and little brother, according to the family’s lawyer. Martin was shot after returning home from a local convenience store, where he bought snacks including Skittles candy requested by his 13-year-old brother, Chad.

According to the family’s lawyer Ben Crump, the family is calling for the Watch captain’s arrest, saying Martin was “on his way home and a Neighborhood Watch loose cannon shot and killed him”…”.* Was the teen singled out and shot because he was black in a white neighborhood? Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss if race was involved on The Young Turks.

HE HAS A NAME: Trayvon Martin, Shot & Killed By His Own Neighborhood Watch (DETAILS)

I know Tumblr doesn’t like hearing about this but when people talk about “white privilege,” part of what is meant is stuff like the ability to exist beyond the confines of your home without the fear of being killed due to your race or ethnicity.

this is so angering and terrifying and not surprising and yes this happens all the time fuck fuck fuck there isn’t even anything else to say this shit makes me hate the world and this is why we can’t have hypothetical arguments about race or oppression without getting emotional because look at how blatantly racist this country and society is. Is there really anyone who still doesn’t get this? anyone who still wants to claim that we’re “post racial?”. get angry. 

this is so fucked up and it breaks my heart.  he was just a kid, going to get some candy for his little brother, and a racist son of a bitch trailed him & killed him for NO REASON. of course, he claims it was self defense because of his own idea that a young black man must be dangerous and therefore, have his life taken from him. 


Late to the International Women’s Day Party, but I come bearing a really cool, positive, feel-good link for you.

glow* is the project of four ladies - Lauren Lopez, Jaime Lyn Beatty, Denise Donovan and Julia Albain - whose names fans of musicals might recognize as part of Team Starkid. It’s a website and collective dedicated to celebrating girls and women. It has a very active, very supportive comment board, and I cannot stress how fantastically refreshing it is to encounter a community of girls and women dedicated to positivity and friendliness.

Check it out, it’s definitely a mood-lifter.

The FACTS about the cost of birth control


  • Oral contraceptives, or “the pill,” can cost $1,210 per year without health insurance. 
  • Women of reproductive age spend 68 percent more on out-of-pocket health care costs than do men, in part because of contraceptive costs.
  • Surveys show that nearly one in four women with household incomes of less than $75,000 have put off a doctor’s visit for birth control to save money in the past year.
  • Twenty-nine percent of women report that they have tried to save money by using their method inconsistently.
  • More than half of young adult women say they have not used their method as directed because it was cost-prohibitive.
  • Nearly half of women ages 18–34 with household incomes less than $75,000 report they need to delay or limit their childbearing because of economic hardships they’ve experienced in recent years.

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But I like to eat fish fingers in custard he said, it’s more fun than wearing a fez on your head.


But I like to eat fish fingers in custard he said, it’s more fun than wearing a fez on your head.

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last thing tonight

i’m not particulary bothered either for or against the elementary thing

but if you’ve said you aren’t watching because:

  • john watson is “joan” (or whatever)
  • lucy lui has been cast
  • lucy lui has been cast as “joan”

please unfollow me


There are legit people saying that kind of thing? D:

#why so misogynist fandom #and racist #why #stop #there’s going to be two Holmes series on TV #plus the movie franchise #and two out of three of those media franchises is all about pretty white boys #why can’t one have Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson? #this is literally not an either/or situation #it’s both/and #jfc #this isn’t taking away anything you like #it’s adding a new perspective to a new interpretation #it won’t hurt to give it a chance #and chill out a bit over it

Seriously? REALLY? People are pulling THAT shit, because an excellent actress has dared to be cast as John Watson?


This was all over my fandom blog, but I’m reposting over here. Seriously, stop pulling that shit. Awesome lady of color as Watson = win. End of story.

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You can’t say, outing is so terrible and so wrong and so tragic and so possibly suicidal one minute, yet just three months earlier say outing is A-OK if the popular hero quarterback dude does it to a kinda bitchy mean girl and then makes her sit awkwardly in front of him as he sings a song about girls wanting to have fun. Granted, sure, everyone’s experience is different. But you can’t really have your cake any way you want it. Otherwise the message is: Boy outing is super bad, girl outing is super helpful. Not cool.

Dorothy Snarker hits the nail on the head once again (via avocadosalad)

The fact that Glee was like “Santana needs to be outed BECAUSE OTHERWISE SHE MIGHT COMMIT SUICIDE” and then three months later was like “Karofsky tried to commit suicide BECAUSE HE WAS OUTED” is just…I can’t. I almost kind of wonder if it’s one of those things where they noted the criticism to an earlier episode and their attempt to deal with the issue just made it even worse in the process, but it could just as easily be their basic misogyny showing through. That’s the thing with Glee—there are always at least five fucked-up things about any one thing that’s going on.  (via boycottingtrends)

I hadn’t even made that connection before, damn.

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